7 Tips For Pregnant Women With Herpes

Pregnant Women With Herpes

If you are a woman with herpes and are pregnant or considering getting pregnant then you need to consider following pregnant woman tips that go beyond the tips that women without herpes follow in order to protect the health of your baby and prevent them from contacting herpes either in womb or during delivery.

Many women with herpes think that it is impossible for them to give birth to a healthy baby. This is not the case, but great care needs to be taken when planning the pregnancy, during the months of your pregnancy and during delivery.

Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnant Woman Tips for Herpes Women

Here are some tips for herpes women who are planning on getting pregnant or who are all ready pregnant.

1.Do Your Research. If you are one of the many herpes women in the world today, and are wanting to get pregnant do your research before getting pregnant. Knowing the risk of infecting your baby, how to reduce that risk and other information will help you make the best choices for you and baby.

2. Speak to Your Doctor. The first thing you will want to do is speak to your doctor as he is the best one to advise you throughout your pregnancy. Since women with herpes are more likely to be unable to carry their baby to term your doctor may want to keep a closer eye on you during your pregnancy. In addition, if you have been taking antiviral drugs for your herpes, your doctor can discuss with you whether or not you should continue taking these drugs during the course of your pregnancy.

3. Plan Your Pregnancy Carefully. Avoid getting pregnant during a herpes outbreak. If you have vaginal herpes avoid trying to conceive if there are any signs of a breakout or if you feel a breakout coming on.

4. Once Pregnant Avoid Having Sex. It is best for herpes women to avoid having sex once they discover they are pregnant. If you do decide to have intercourse you avoid having intercourse with anyone who has herpes. If your partner is also infected with the herpes virus make sure they wear a condom even if they are not having a herpes breakout.

5. Follow Your Doctor’s Advice During Your Pregnancy. This pregnant women tip is a no brainer. In order to ensure that you have the healthiest pregnancy possible you will need to follow your doctor’s advice.

6. Considering Taking “Acyclovir” During Your Last Month of Pregnancy. Your doctor may prescribe a special antiviral medication during the last month of your pregnancy just before your due date in order to reduce the chances of a herpes outbreak during delivery. Taking this medication can help to safe guard your baby during delivery.

7. Be Aware if You Do Have a Herpes Breakout Near Your Delivery Time Your Doctor May Recommend You Have a C-Section. If you are having a herpes breakout near or during labor your doctor may recommend you have a C-section to protect the baby from being exposed to the herpes virus during delivery.

Following these Pregnant women tips for women with herpes and your doctors advice can increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

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